Rudy Horvat Group

Rudy Horvat Group

Ostrava based band created by guitarist Rudy Horvat is another interesting project introduced by this talented musician within his jazz activity. RHG fluently follows his previous project Missing Base which, after the period of Facing West Trio, moved from jazz closer to rock and fusion. RHG combines all these influences and is marked as jazz/rock/fusion. RHG builds mainly on its own repertoir where besides own compositions - melodic ballads or rock oriented composition – appear also distinctive cover versions of songs world wide famous performers and bands.

Rudy Horvat / acoustic & electric guitars, composer

(1977 Marie Rottrová, Boris Urbánek, ORO, Neo Chess Sunny RNR Band, PEER...)

An Ostravian guitarist who first became noticed with his band Facing West Trio (Jazz) with which he played lots of concerts in the whole Czech republic. Since 2003 he has been working with Boris Urbánek and Michal Žáček. He becomes a member of Boris Band Combination and The Gizd Q, later begins to cooperate with the renewed band TUTU. He is also a member of Ostrava Broadcast Orchestra, which accompanies the top of the Czech music scene. Rudolf Březina invited Rudy Horvat to the band Flamingo with which he has played several tours with Marie Rottrová during over six years of cooperation. Cooperation with Vlasta Redl, the band Buty and others followed. Last but not least he has cooperated with Dave Weckl, Ashley Slater, Vojtěch Dyk on Michal Žáček's solo record.

Rudy Horvat

Jenny Krompolc sr. / bass

(1960 TUTU, Heidi Janků, Peter Lipa, Richard Müller, Boris Urbánek, ORO...)

An Ostravian bassist, graduated as a violin player at Janáček's conservatoire in Ostrava. During his rich carrer he has colaborated with a lot of famous artists. During and after his military service he played in Bratislava Military art ensemble with Peter Lipa and played in Banket of Richard Müller. From 1987 till 1993 he was a member of Ostrava fusion band TUTU. In this period he was also member of Supernova of Ivo Pavlík, which accompanied Heidi Janků. He was also a member of JORO (Jazz Orchestra of Radio Ostrava). He played in the band The Gizd Q of Michal Záček, is a member of ORO (Ostrava Radio Orchestra), Boris Band Combination of Boris Urbánek, cooperates with the band Buty.

Jenny Crompolc sr.

Jan Tengler / sax

(Kofe-In, Hičhaikum Jana Kunzeho, Bardo Thödol)

An Opavian saxophonist, flute and EWI player started in local bluesrock, folkrock and jazzrock bands. Brno funk formation Chorchestr and band of Brno HaDivadlo followed. He is a member of a tribute band of cult Grateful Dead - Bardo Thödol. He was a founding member of KOFE-IN where he played in 2006-2011. Since 2010 he has played with Boris Band Combination of Boris Urbánek. He is a member of musically-poetic alternative avantgard: Hičhaikum project of Jan Kunze

Jenny Crompolc jr.

Jenny Krompolc jr. / drums

(1983 Evolution Dejavu, Blissten, Jazzyk, Boris Urbánek)

An energetic and universal drummer whose services have been used by Boris Urbánek, Michal Žáček, Ostrava radio orchestra, or Jiří Stivín. He began to play in Ostrava band Jazzyk, for several years he played in electro/rock band Blissten. For four years he was a member of a successful festival band Evolution Dejavu (newcomer of festival Colours of Ostrava 2004). In 2005 he began to cooperate with Rudy Horvat as a member of his band Million Pounds. Since 2007 he has been a member of Boris Band Combination of Boris Urbánek.

Jenny Crompolc jr.